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Season 1: 2011–13Edit

On July 5, 2012 the series was cancelled and not returning for a second season. Starting on March 27, 2013, Teen Nick will air the remaining few episodes that have not previously aired in the US.

Talent show rehearsal for their magic act goes awry when Bucket and Skinner accidentally handcuff themselves to Kelly. Unable to free themselves, the three do their best to make it through Kelly's stuffy dinner party with her boyfriend's parents without revealing anything is wrong. Also, when Piper is promoted to a senior high science class, she discovers Aloe is her new lab partner. Absent: George Back as Three Pieces
No. Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod Code
1 Epic Girls Leonard R. Garner, Jr. Boyce Bugliari & Jamie McLaughlin July 1, 2011 102
Bucket (Taylor Gray) runs for class president to impress Kelly (Ashley Argota). But he needs help to win it because he is not as popular as Aloe (Glenn McCuen) who is also running. Piper (Tiffany Espensen) suggests they start rumors that Bucket and Kelly are dating to help him win.
2 Epic Election Leonard R. Garner, Jr. Boyce Bugliari & Jamie McLaughlin July 2, 2011 103
Bucket and Skinner (Dillon Lane) sneak into Aloe's party disguised as girls named Lady Gaga (Bucket) and Beyoncé (Skinner) but they forget to bring a change of clothes and Sven likes Beyoncé. So they try to get into Aloe's room to get clothes. Meanwhile, Piper tries to expose the surf shop's supplier who is selling Three Pieces (George Back) faulty merchandise.
3 Epic Jobs Roger Christiansen Boyce Bugliari & Jamie McLaughlin July 3, 2011 104

After accidentally destroying Kelly's boat, Bucket and Skinner must get jobs to raise money and fix it. Piper is able to get them jobs at Taco, Taco, Taco dressed in costumes for advertisement. Meanwhile, Kelly begins to work as a lifeguard with Aloe and finds him a bit weird.

Absent: George Back as Three Pieces

4 Epic Brains Leonard T. Garner, Jr. Harry Hannigan & Shawn Simmons July 4, 2011 101

Due to a paper mix up after a test, Bucket and Skinner are accidentally put in a gifted class. Bucket decides to tell the teacher that gave them the test about the problem, but he and Skinner learn from Piper that students in gifted classes get out of school at noon. So now they decide to stay in the class. Aloe finds out and tells their teacher that they built an engine and the teacher suggests they display it at the science fair. So now the boys have to try and make one to stay in the class. Meanwhile, Piper gets a B on a test and gets angry at the teacher and attempts to sue him but Kelly steps in to defend him.

Absent: George Back as Three Pieces

5 Epic Dancer Roger Christiansen May Chan & Elliott Owen July 10, 2011 105
Bucket is jealous when he learns that Kelly is going to the school dance with a popular senior he thinks is a jerk. As he and Skinner try to sabotage her date’s efforts to impress Kelly, they start to wonder if he’s not as bad as they thought.
6 Epic Musical Mark Cendrowski Boyce Bugliari & Jamie McLaughlin July 15, 2011 110

Bucket auditions for the lead in the school musical so he can kiss Kelly while Skinner auditions to be a talking tree. Aloe ends up getting Bucket's part instead due to his father making a large donation to the theatre. Meanwhile, Three Pieces agrees to help Piper sound good singing in the musical using voice enhancement technology.

Guest star: Patrick Bristow as Mr. St. Troy

7 Epic Rockstar Roger Christainsen May Chan & Elliott Owen July 22, 2011 112

Sara Bareilles returns to her hometown of Pacific Bluffs (where Bucket and Skinner live) to hold a song writing contest. The winning song will be featured on Sara's next album. Bucket & Skinner enter the contest and win, but when Bucket realizes he accidentally submitted the love song called Lady Brown Hair (brown hair, referring to Kelly when it was really supposed to be "Soap" the soap song). Bucket and Skinner must scramble to get the song back from Sara. Piper is forced to be nice to Bucket for a week, so she helps, but when she has one last step and plan, her time is up.

Note: this is the episode where Bucket has decided to admit his feelings for Kelly In The Episode

Absent: George Back as Three Pieces

8 Epic Escape Leonardo R. Garner, Jr. Harry Hannigan & Shawn Simmons July 30, 2011 108

Skinner gets detention on a major surfing day, and Bucket tries to get detention also, only to get thanked every time. Kelly accidentally trips and rips a teacher's vest, getting her detention. Bucket gets detention, but with the nasty nurse supervising, they have to get out. Meanwhile, Aloe gets hit on the head with a surfboard and thinks that he is Sven's assistant so Sven decides to boss him around for a while, until he gets hit with another surfboard. And Piper tries to get a legitimate excuse for gym class, but after being scared by the nurse, she loses her street cred and must find a way to get it back.

Absent: George Back as Three Pieces

9 Epic Wingman Leonardo R. Garner, Jr. Boyce Bugliari & Jamie McLaughlin August 13, 2011 109

Aloe talks Bucket into being his wingman on a double date with two seniors, but the partnership quickly turns into a battle of wills as the guys try to one-up each other to impress the girls. Piper, banned from the prestigious spelling bee for her past aggressive behavior, ropes Skinner into competing for her.

Absent: George Back as Three Pieces

10 Epic Babysitters Lynn McCracken Harry Hannigan & Shawn Simmons September 16, 2011 115

Kelly has won concert tickets and offers to take Bucket & Skinner, under the condition they babysit for Piper. The boys agree to babysit but quickly realize this job is way more than they bargained for.

Absent: George Back as Three Pieces

11 Epic Bobo Roger Christiansen Boyce Bugliari & Jamie McLaughlin September 23, 2011 113
Aloe offers Bucket a spot on the varsity surf team, but in exchange he wants to borrow Bobo, Three Piece's prized surfboard. After Aloe accidentally breaks Bobo, Bucket along with Skinner, Aloe and Sven, must get rid of the evidence and cover up their involvement before Three Pieces finds out.
12 Epic Takeover Roger Christiansen Harry Hannigan & Shawn Simmons September 30, 2011 106
Three Pieces leaves to go on a camping trip and Aloe takes over the surf shop due to a one day late rent. Skinner must surf against him in a competition to get the shop back, but his ankle gets sprained. Now, its up to Bucket to save the day.
13 Epic Dates Trevor Kirschner May Chan & Elliott Owen October 7, 2011 111

The boys are feeling down since Skinner has an ear infection preventing him from surfing, and Bucket is annoyed that Blake & Kelly's relationship is going so well. To get their minds off their troubles the guys venture into the dating world. Before they know it both they each meet a girl they like, but the guys soon realize they're dating the same girl, CJ (Samantha Boscarino). Since neither one wants to give up their dates the boys decide to hold a date-off and see which guy the girls

14 Epic Crush Roger Christiansen Harry Hannigan & Shawn Simmons October 14, 2011 114
15 Epic Haunting Jonathan Weiss Boyce Bugliari & Jamie McLaughlin October 29, 2011 118

Skinner falls for a rich heiress (Halston Sage) after the boys sneak into an elite yacht club and Bucket helps him act wealthy and cultured so she doesn’t learn the truth about him. Aloe is determined to expose Skinner at the club’s formal ball. A grounded Kelly and Piper sneak out of the house and end up winning a contest at the taco shop, but must enlist the help of “Nana” Three Pieces when a parent’s signature is required to claim the prize.

Guest star: Halston Sage

16 Epic Christmas Gil Junger May Chan & Elliott Owen December 17, 2011 121

Bucket and Skinner's latest plan to achieve epic status requires them to spend the whole night in the town's legendary haunted house. They immediately face one terrifying chill after another, until they discover that a jealous Aloe is behind the whole thing. But when the scares continue even after Aloe's plan is revealed, all the guys face their fear that the house may actually be haunted.

Absent: George Back as Three Pieces

17 Epic Cuffs Roger Christiansen Gil Junger March 17, 2012 120

Bucket & Skinner head to a rock festival on the wrong bus and accidentally enter a military facility. Elsewhere, Kelly's prom plans go astray when her old childhood pal shows up and Piper ruins her dress.

Special Guest Stars: Jennette McCurdy, Patrick Gallagher, Cody Simpson, and Matt Shively

18 Epic Crashers May Chan Elliot Owen Harry Hunger March 24, 2012 124

Bucket is upset because this Christmas in Pacific Bluffs it won't have any snow, but after a Christmas Carol parody, he learns the true meaning of Christmas.

19 Epic Roadtrip May Chan Elliot Owen Gill Junger March 27, 2012 125

Bucket recognizes his new classmate as a girl from camp who was obsessed with him, and he fears she now wants revenge.

20 Epic Copycat April 3, 2013 117
A girl doesn't like Aloe and likes Bucket, so Aloe starts acting like Bucket.
21 Epic Chicken April 10, 2013 107
Bucket's crippling fear of chickens embarrasses him when one gets loose at school and he totally loses his cool in front of Kelly. In an attempt to prove he isn't a wimp, he and Skinner stage a fake robbery at the surf shop. Things, however, don't go according to plan.
22 Epic Cheer April 17, 2013 122
Bucket and Skinner join Kelly's cheerleadingquad when they learn the team is competing for a trip to Regionals in Hawaii. But when they accidentally get most of the squad sick with food poisoning, they must convince rival Aloe to fill-in and save the team. After losing her smart phone, Piper can't stay on top of her busy schedule, and soon embraces the life of a slacker.
23 Epic Cupids April 24, 2013 116
After Bucket and Skinner's gym teacher brokes up with her boyfriend, she is mean to the kids, so Bucket and Skinner decide to fix her up with a fantastic boyfriend named Rodolfo.
24 Epic Seal May 1, 2013 123
Bucket and Skinner want to stop a big bully.
25 Epic Showdown May 2, 2013 119
Bucket and Skinner must take care of a seal.