Epic Takeover
Season 1, Episode 12
First Aired September 30, 2011
Production Code 106
Writer(s) Harry Hannigan & Shawn Simmons
Director(s) Roger Christiansen
Viewed By: 1.8
Episode Guide
"Epic Bobo"
"Epic Dates"

Epic Takeover is the twelfth episode of Season 1.


Three Pieces leaves to go on a camping trip and Aloe takes over the surf shop due to a one day late rent. Skinner must surf against him in a competition to get the shop back, but his ankle gets sprained. Now, its up to Bucket to save the day.He lost but Piper tried to cheer him up by riding a mechanical bull.Bucket refuses but he is forced by Piper.He said to put it in slow speed but she did in High.When fallen down,Piper said if there is a lawyer and her lawyer came.Aloe destroyed the papers that connect him as the CEO of ThreePieces shop and gave them to Sven to eat it.Unknown if he did it.


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